About Us


Hello! My name is Megan Meyer. I have recently received my accreditation from the IAABC (International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants) as an Accredited Dog Trainer. I am, also, a Certified Pet Sitter with PSI (Pet Sitter's International). I have always been an animal lover. I grew up with dogs and always tried to help and catch strays. I dog sat for someone in our neighborhood when I was younger, whose dog was an escape artist. Most of the time, when she escaped, she wound up over at our house. Even during my graduation party! When, I went to college in Winona, MN, I volunteered at the Winona Area Humane Society, as a dog walker/caregiver. My favorite and most rewarding event there was with a dog named Willow. She was super scared and tried to bite anyone who entered her space. I grabbed a whole bunch of different kinds of treats and with a little patience, she started to trust me a little bit. I even got her to go out for a walk with me! Then, I got my first dog, Bunny. She has taught me a lot in terms of dog training and caregiving. She has definitely had her share of issues and I have learned about all of them. She has made a lot of progress since I adopted her. I love learning about dog training and care for any animal, especially those that I need to care for. If I don't have experience in caring for your animal, I would love to learn about it! I'm a big fan of keeping all visits a positive and fear free experience, and using management when needed.


Hello! My name is Bunny! I found Megan one day when she showed up at my foster mom's home. I knew she was the one when I barked at her and she didn't run away! After a few visits I was able to go home with her and I found my forever home! I love swimming and we have a quiet spot out of town that we go to in the summer time. I wish it was warm and sunny all the time, so that I can swim all the time. I could swim all day if you let me. Good luck getting me back in the car to go home! At home, I love to cuddle with my humans, especially under the covers. If I want under the covers, I will push my face up against you until you lift them up. I, also, love our 2 kitty siblings, but sometimes they don't like me. They think I play too hard, but I just want to play! On walks, I don't like a lot of things and can get stressed out easily, so we usually keep our walks short, training walks. Bikes, dogs, and running kids are all super scary while we are out. I have learned to ignore people and cars, though. My mom says I'm improving! She is really good at keeping me under my threshold and knowing when to bring me home to keep me safe and happy.


Hi! I'm Beau. I was a senior rescue, but don't let that fool you! I'm 10 years old and still act like a puppy! I'm a little bit slow on training. It took me a few months to get "Sit" down. The shelter said that I was good with other dogs, but I only like male dogs (unfortunately for my 2 sisters) and Megan, who had to do extremely slow introductions at my pace. She makes sure I have my own space to retreat to, if I start feeling overwhelmed. I love taking naps, especially on the couch. I love all people that I meet!


Hello! I'm Luna! Before coming to live with Megan, I was tied up to a garage for a year to a year and a half. I couldn't get my energy out and I was bored all the time. I'm so glad to get out of there. Now, I have learned to run around and play, but also, when it's time to rest. I have learned a lot! I'm shy around new people, but I am the perfect car buddy and my recall is great! I even come back when chasing bunnies or birds! I'm a picky eater, so finding a food that will motivate me was difficult. I only like the freeze dried meat treats or raw food treats/toppers. I will, also, work for a toy sometimes. I LOVE to play and destroy any toy that crosses my path.


Hello! My name is Frumpkin, named after a cat from Critical Role. When I first arrived in this home, I was very afraid and unhappy about my new environment. Then, I found out that they had a kitty friend for me to play with! I was still nervous around the new humans, but the kitty made me feel safe in my new environment. After about a week and at my own pace, I started to really love my new humans. I love to nuzzle up next to my humans' faces and sit on them, purring. I love exploring outside (on a leash of course)! However, I'm a huge troublemaker, both inside and out. I will try to climb the fence outside and knock over stuff inside. I try to see what you are cooking and try to steal a bite. I will, also, drink from your cup. I just want to try some! Playing in water is another fun thing I like to do. I love to make new kitty friends, even if they don't love me right away!


Hey! I'm Huey. I started off as a foster kitten. Obviously, I was too good to loose. They taught me to eat off of plates, because "I wasn't their cat." Little did they know, I was sticking around for good! Now, I like to torment the foster kitties and I still eat food off of plates when I get the chance. I like the slow introductions to the fosters to lessen the torment. Don't get me wrong though, I am quite the snuggle bug and love being your bathroom buddy. If I get picked up, I like to flop and go limp in your arms.