About Us


Hello! My name is Megan Meyer. I have always been an animal lover. I grew up with dogs and always tried to help and catch strays. I dog sat for someone in our neighborhood when I was younger, whose dog was an escape artist. Most of the time, when she escaped, she wound up over at our house. Even during my graduation party! When, I went to college in Winona, MN, I volunteered at the Winona Area Humane Society, as a dog walker/caregiver. My favorite and most rewarding event there was with a dog named Willow. She was super scared and tried to bite anyone who entered her space. I grabbed a whole bunch of different kinds of treats and with a little patience, she started to trust me a little bit. I even got her to go out for a walk with me! Then, I got my first dog, Bunny. She has taught me a lot in terms of dog training and caregiving. She has definitely had her share of issues and I have learned about all of them. She has made a lot of progress since I adopted her. All of my current animals are rescues, except my hedgehog, Ollie. I love learning about dog training and care for any animal, especially those that I need to care for. If I don't have experience in caring for your animal, I would love to learn about it! In the future, I want to go back to school (most likely an online degree) and learn to become a dog trainer. I'm a big fan of keeping all visits a positive and fear free experience and using management when needed.


Hello! My name is Bunny! I found Megan one day when she showed up at my foster mom's home. I knew she was the one when I barked at her and she didn't run away! After a few visits I was able to go home with her and I found my forever home! I love swimming and we have a quiet spot out of town that we go to in the summer time. I wish it was warm and sunny all the time, so I can swim all the time. I could swim all day if you let me. Good luck getting me back in the truck to go home! At home, I love to cuddle with my humans, especially under the covers. If I want under the covers, I will push my face up against you until you lift them up. I cuddle with my sister, Bailey on the couch! I, also, love our 2 kitty brothers, but sometimes they don't like me. They think I play too hard, but I just want to play! On walks, I don't like a lot of things and can get stressed out easily, so we usually keep our walks short, training walks. Bikes, dogs, and running kids are all super scary while we are out. I have learned to ignore people and cars, though. My mom says I'm improving! She is really good at keeping me under my threshold and knowing when to bring me home to keep me safe and happy.


Hello! I'm Bailey! I was also adopted, but not by Megan. Her fiancée, Doug, adopted me before they met. I love to play with my sister Bunny and will bark at her until she plays with me, which could take a little bit. She's kind of a couch potato! Unfortunately, mom tries to stop me from having a good time in the backyard. She says it's because of the neighbors, but I think she's lying. They would want me to have my fun! I love all people, all the time. I NEED everyone to pet me. If they don't, I will bark until I get what I want. I am working on my manners though. Usually, I'm too excited and can't control myself. When that happens, I can't wait to jump up and lick your face. At, home, I think I am part cat. I like to sit on top of the couch and look out window, but my mom doesn't mind. She will even open up the window for me. I, also, have to play fetch on a regular basis. I will bring you my ball and you will throw it for me, but only on my terms. Fly catching is another one of my hobbies and it keeps the pests away. At home, my mom makes me feel safe in my kennel when I eat my meals. Otherwise, I think everyone else will steal my food. My walks are mostly for enrichment or training. I love to go on a sniffari and sniff until my little heart is content. Training walks are for learning to walk nicely on a leash and keeping up on that learning. I'm a super quick learner and love all my walks.


RAWR! I'm a mighty Tiger! I have a ton of kitty confidence. I walk around like I own this place. I like to rub up against my doggie/ big sisters and get in their faces. I'm a very mellow kitty and like to lay around all day, looking out the windows, helping Bailey catch a fly here and there. I have fun playing with my new baby brother and have fun wrestling. We loved each other since he first came home. We spend all the time together and I will groom him when I get the chance. I'm only one year old and I feel the safest in my home. I don't like to go outside very much, unless the door is open and I am within 5 feet of the door. My mom keeps me safe on a leash to make sure I don't go too far. She says I could get hit by a car or something! That sounds pretty scary! I'd rather be cuddled up in my bed.


Hello! My name is Frumpkin, named after a cat from Critical Role. I was adopted recently. When I first arrived in this home, I was very afraid and unhappy about my new environment. Then, I found out that they had a kitty friend for me to play with! I was still nervous around the new humans, but the kitty made me feel safe in my new environment. After about a week and at my own pace, I started to really love my new humans. I love to nuzzle up next to my humans' faces and sit on them, purring. I'm still nervous around the big, scary dogs, but my mom says I will come around. I love exploring outside (on a leash of course)! However, I'm a huge troublemaker, both inside and out. I will try to climb the fence outside and knock over stuff inside. I try to see what you are cooking and try to steal a bite. I will, also, drink from your cup. I just want to try some! Playing in water is another fun thing I like to do. Overall, I love my new kitty home!


My name is Ollie. I was my mom's first pet. She picked me up when I was a baby and I'm an old man now. Since, I am considered an exotic pet, my mom has to pay extra attention to my care. I need to be warm all the time and I'm nocturnal. So, my mom respects my sleep and only takes me out at night. I have a heat lamp to keep me warm and she checks on it every night. If I'm not warm enough, I could try to hibernate, which is not normal for domesticated hedgehogs. Domesticated hedgehogs, haven't stored up food, like wild hedgehogs and I could die because of it! I'm not ready for that to happen, so I'm glad that my mom makes sure that it's a good temperature. I'm a simple man. I love my wormies and will run on my wheel for miles all night. I like to explore sometimes, but feel the safest in my cage or in a snuggle sack around my mom's neck.

Skye and Forrest

Chirp Chirp! We are Skye and Forrest. We were adopted from Petco. Our old human dropped us off that morning after she couldn't care for us anymore. They told Megan that we are both males, but after she did some research, she fond out one of us is actually female! We are settling in nicely, but very unsure of our new surroundings. Our cage is the safest place. This place is like a zoo! We do not like the humans at all. One of us, Forrest, will reluctantly go on the human's finger, but the other, Skye, will just fly frantically until it leaves the cage. We love our seeds and millet and Megan's using them to create positive associations with hands. It's a slow process, but it's the best way for us to learn. We like to bicker a lot and make lots of noise, especially when we are playing together!