Dog Walking

There are many reasons to walk your dog, like exercise, training, or just enrichment. At Pawsitive Paws, we tailor each walk to each dogs' need. You can choose to have a power walk for exercise to keep your dog healthy and fit. Alternatively, you could do a sniffari, where the dog can use their sniffers to release calming hormones and keep your dog in good mental health. We can, also, do training walks to help with loose leash walking, distractions, or even reactivity. Please note that we walk ALL dogs on a harness and leash. If you do not have a harness, please get a properly fitted X or Y shaped harness for the safest tool. If your dog is an escape artist, we recommend a harness with a third strap, like Ruffwear's Webmaster.

Dog Walking Prices

  • 30 Minutes: $22.00* per visit

  • 45 Minutes: $32.00* per visit

  • 1 Hour: $37.00* per visit

*Prices subjected to change. Max of 3 dogs per session. Sessions are based on availability. If the weather is bad or if you want, I can do enrichment or playtime at home. We can do custom visits. Just let us know what you need! I will travel within a 30 mile radius of Grand Forks. If you are in the radius of 15-30 miles, there is an extra $20 fee per visit added to the total.